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            Shopian    Kashmir


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Estd. 1988

B.A. Programme ( Without  History  as a Subject )

                                                                                  B.A. 1st  Year            B.A. 2nd  Year              B.A. 3rd Year

College  Fees                                       Rs.2250/=                 Rs.2250/=                  Rs.2250/=

University  Fees                                  Rs.200/=                   Rs.100/=                     Rs.100/=

Environmental   Studies  Fees-                                           Rs.170/=-

Total                                                       Rs.2450/-                  Rs.2520/-                   Rs.2350/-

B.A. Programme ( With  History  as a Subject )

                                          B.A. 1st  Year            B.A. 2nd  Year           B.A. 3rdYear

College  Fees                                                .Rs2250/=                     Rs.2250/=                       Rs.2250/=

University Fees                                          Rs.200/=                       Rs.100/=                           Rs.100/=

Environmental Studies  Fees-                                                    Rs.170/=

Sub. Tour History                                    Rs.75/=                         Rs.75/=                         Rs.75/=


Total                                                                Rs.2525/-                    Rs.2595/-                       Rs.2425/-

B.Sc. Programme

                                                     B.Sc 1st  Year                  B.Sc 2nd  Year                    B.Sc. 3rdYear

                                              Medical    Non- Medical        Medical    Non- Medical        Medical       Non- Medical

College Fees                           Rs.2470/-  Rs.2420/-      Rs.2470/-   Rs.2420/-       Rs.2470/-    Rs.2420/-

University  Fees                    Rs.200/-    Rs.200/-        Rs.l00/-      Rs.l00/-            Rs.l00/-        Rs.l00/-

Environmental  Studies Fees                                      Rs.170/-    Rs.170/-   

Subject Tour                          Rs. 150/-     Rs.75/-           Rs.150/-     Rs.75/-              Rs.150/-       Rs.75/-

Total                                       Rs.2820/-   Rs.2695/-         Rs.2890/-   Rs.2765/-        Rs.2720/-  Rs.2595/-

Fee Structure